What I Have Been Reading

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationHere is a list of items I have read recently.

  •  I am trying to get through Terry McMillan’s Who Asked You?  I will let you know my thoughts when I complete this… if I complete this.  Not hating it, but not loving it (yet).  I am working to give this novel a chance.
  • The Supremes at Earl’s All You Can Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore.  The language moves.  Yet, for me, the story did not move.  Not really.  In my view, there were too many flashbacks.  I think this is a novel that can be enjoyed by most readers, though.
  • This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz.  I spend more time trying to find a good short story collection than I do reading short stories.  This book changed that.  The stories are consistently well written and forward moving.  Excellent flow.
  • The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis.  This may come as a surprise, but I did not dig this book as much as I thought I would dig it.  It felt incomplete.  There were moments. There really were moments, but overall, I could take this novel or leave it.  I do, however, believe most readers will enjoy this book.
  • Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones.  The plot is fresh, and will resonate with many readers.  The point of view is spot on and Jones will hypnotize you from the opening line.
  • Perfect Peace by Daniel Black.  This novel has one of the most original plots EVER/EVAH!
  • The Stories of Eva Luna.  Isabel Allende does not let me down.  You can read an excerpt  from The Stories of Eva Luna here.


Let me know what you think about what I have been reading.

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