Mission Statement

10330498_764786803553709_8365706537392401440_ni am moving toward authenticity, truth telling and unwavering faith.  i want to interact with people in a way that leaves them better than or the same as they were when i found them (or they found me).  i want to avoid diminishing anyone or anything. i want to conduct myself in a way that affirms my ancestors and my parents, in particular.

With my writing, i want to:

  • show my love of and appreciation for African descended people, our history, and our traditions
  • help Black people feel powerful and proud by preserving our stories
  • connect art & struggle by working with comrades and other like minded Afridiasporic peoples to continue building an aesthetic that includes politics; and compliments art
  • express my own creativity with fearlessness
  • be honest
  • learn about the world in which i live by looking at the world as a Black woman

i am writing because, someday, i will die; and then, everyone who knows me will die, but my words have the ability to outlast me

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