100 Things

butterflyNot sure whether I will be able to write 100 random things about myself or when/if  I will finish, but let’s go…

  1. I want to visit each country in Africa before I die
  2. I want to see the great wall of China
  3. I don’t feel the need to see much of Europe
  4. I don’t smoke weed or cigarettes, but am open to a really good cigar (on rare occasion)
  5. I love rainy days
  6. I love naps
  7. Naps on rainy days are the best
  8. Glitter and shiny things are meaningful to me
  9. Balloons make me smile
  10. I enjoy making lists
  11. I need a list of all my lists
  12. Butterflies make me smile
  13. Smiles make me smile
  14. I want to speak Spanish to a brown person below the border
  15. I miss people who have not left me yet
  16. I don’t know how to braid or cornrow hair, but I really want to learn
  17. The thought of dolphins sleeping with one eye open makes me smile
  18. Prince is always in my hair
  19. I want Prince to make me a vegetable omelet
  20. Aretha Franklin gets my most significant respect
  21. I am one of the best huggers in the deep South
  22. I know all the words to the poem, Resignation by Nikki Giovanni and am likely to break out into poem at any minute
  23. I find Ethiopian food to be orgasmic
  24. I avoid clowns (in all forms), so don’t send in the clowns
  25. I collect straws from various restaurants and venues
  26. Mimes and miming disturb me
  27. Cliffhanger is one of my favorite zen stories. (I dig zen stories)
  28. Fidel Castro is so (so) intriguing to me
  29. I believe in what Malcolm said, “we unite on the basis of what we have in common”
  30. Nina Simone put a spell on me
  31. I am an absolute unapologetic roller coaster enthusiast
  32. I am rarely if ever late/tardy
  33. I believe time is the highest form of unity
  34. I dig a handwritten note
  35. I have very neat handwriting
  36. If passions counts, I am an awesome singer
  37. I would drive all day to get a slice of Junior’s cheesecake (no strawberries) or Mick’s Oreo Cheesecake
  38. Sometimes, I talk out loud to people that have gone on before me
  39. Listening to Sweet Honey in the Rock is something I could do all day, every day
  40. Each of my houseplants has a name and label
  41. Once, I completed a marathon (26.2 miles babee!)
  42. You probably cannot find a better letter writing advocate
  43. There are friends, male and female that love me to the moon and back (I don’t know why…)
  44. I am both drawn to and repulsed by zoos
  45. I believe freedom is absolute. Either you are free, or you are not
  46. I know the names of the four little girls killed in Birmingham (16th Street Church): Denise, Carole, Addie, Cynthia
  47. At times, I get excited when I see exclamation points in writing!
  48. Lately, I  use too many exclamation points!
  49. I have never had a cup of coffee, tried coffee or eaten any coffee flavored food.
  50. I have never bought anything from Starbucks until last week (11.14).  Who knew they had Habiscus?
  51. I love Habiscus
  52. Cats are not my thing, unless they are black panthers or lions
  53. The most enchanting creature in the ocean is the dolphin.  Dolphins are playful, smart and hairless.  They do not accumulate parasites.  They are not afraid to fight sharks. I love them dolphins.
  54. Turtles fascinate me lately
  55. Muhammad Ali’s fists are pretty to me
  56. I miss Malcolm X and his fiery words (2.21.15)
  57. I wear camouflage to bed as often as I can.
  58. I would not take my boots off, if I didn’t have to…well, except…
  59. I love, love, love wearing sandals.  My Aunt calls them “hussy shoes.” But we still shop for the so called hussy shoes
  60. I love riding in the back of baby blue pick-up trucks, with other assorted fruits and vegetables
  61. The wind is a friend of mine
  62. The things I drink are non-alcoholic: aloe juice, green tea w/ginseng & honey,  sweet tea, lemonade, cranberry juice, pineapple juice
  63. I have not seen a real live ice cream truck in years- I would like to…
  64. Real voices are my preference.
  65. I spend time creating outgoing messages for those people who are thoughtful enough to leave voicemail messages
  66. I am deeply attracted to things that float and fly: kites, hot air balloons, wind chimes, hummingbirds
  67. Choo-choo trains are charming


Do you know something about me that you would like to add to the list?  Share a comment.

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